About Mark Powter

Hello and welcome to my website. I was born, and still live, on the Herts and Essex border just a few miles from Stansted Airport. I have had a fascination with Wildlife since I can remember. In my late teens I found an interest in photography and got my first SLR camera, a Praktika MTL5B if memory serves me right. Later I progressed to a second hand Canon A1, and then onto a T90 with a fair range of mostly Tamron lenses.

I did lose interest in the photography side of things for a few years, then in 2008 I got my first digital SLR, a Canon 400D. I now use a Canon 7D. I have not looked back and have developed an unstoppable passion for photographing my local wildlife, in particular you may notice; I have an obsession with my local herds of Fallow Deer. I am hoping to build up a pets portrait gallery, as I have a love for all animals.

By friends and family I have been encouraged to create my own website, and it is nice to be able to share my experiences with a wider audience. I will take this opportunity to say thank you to my wife for all her patience, and criticism, to my good friend Darrel Almond for his encouragement, and faith in me and to Ollie Treend for his advice and web building skills, the website would most likely not be here without their support and encouragement. Please bookmark me in your favourites, and check back regularly, as I intend to be adding new photos on a regular basis.

If you have an interest in any of my photos, or you would like to hire my services to take a portrait of your pet, please contact me, using the contact link on this website. I hope you enjoy your visit, please pass my website on to anyone you feel would enjoy looking at my photos, and I hope you have enjoyed your visit enough to call back again soon.

Mark Powter.